Grace T. Kim, R. Ac.
Master Healer, Author, Coach, Medium
Registered Acupuncturist and Psychic Energy Healer
5th Dan Master Instructor MooGongRyu Taekwondo
Certified Instructor of Vinyasa Yoga and ThetaHealing
Certified Coach and NLP Practitioner

Thank you for taking the time in getting to know me.  

My journey started with my innate psychic abilities as a young child. With a martial arts grandmaster-acupuncturist as a father, I started my meditation practice at the age of four.  This early appreciation for cultivating Life Force energy allowed me to acquire all my healing and psychic skills quickly.  Naturally, I followed my dad's footsteps and become a martial arts master and acupuncturist, but my path had a twist.

Long story short, my journey to become a master healer went from dropping out of a pre-medical program in university to become an acupuncturist, psychic medium, coach and author of a book, Life Force Revolution.  

My purpose is to unlock your personal power and help you create positive change.  Part of this vocation is to help others take their professional healing or psychic abilities to the next level through energy work and/or coaching.  

  • Grace was born in Canada and is now based in Asia with her French husband and daughter.

  • Her clients are from every continent thanks to online sessions.

  • Grace also speaks French and Spanish. 

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